Patrik Swivel Chair by Mia Gammelgaard

Maxwell’s Daily Find 06.01.12

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Patrik Swivel Chair by Mia Gammelgaard

• $199

Before we bumped up to silver Aeron chairs here at the office, the Patrik was our go to solution. It still is when budgets are tight. Attractive, streamlined and comfortable for short to medium sits, the Patrik was designed in 2001 by Mia Gammelgaard with a non-removable 100% wool covering and hydraulic seat adjustment. I am showing it in the lovely red color, but it's coming only in grey right now. I hope that red will be back soon, as we still use eight of these in our conference room and will need some replacements soon as we've had them since 2006. Here's our earlier review.

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