Pattern Peephole by Cocobohème

Pattern Peephole by Cocobohème

Jeepers creepers, look at those peepers! Seriously, these are adorable. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Mundane security disguised as welcoming woodland creatures. Brilliant!

Made of birch wood harvested from responsibly managed forests, the peephole covers are from Cocobohème, a French company that specializes in imaginative, sustainable home accessories and décor items. Owl take one!

What about you? This seems like an idea that's begging for some DIY inventiveness! How would you disguise your peephole?

1. Pattern for Peephole – Eco-Design, Owl. Cocobohème $14.25
2. Pattern for Peephole – Eco-Design, Bird. Cocobohème $14.25
3. Pattern for Peephole – Eco-Design, Flower. Cocobohème $14.25


Images: Cocobohème

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