Paulo's Connecticut Cottage Garden

Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #28

Name: Paulo S.
Location: Norwalk, Connecticut
Size: 100 square feet

Your Favorite Thing About Your Outdoor Space: The central window serves as a pass-through to the kitchen! Most of all meeting my neighbors while I was outside gardening.

Biggest Design Challenge With This Space: Creating a multidimensional space out of a vary narrow strip of land that is confined on one side by a rather flat condominium brick building facade and on the other by a common walk-way. My solution was to add a structural or architectural element to break-up the flatness of the space. The solution was to create large scale planter boxes that could serve as an anchor for a trellis.

Tips for Creating a Great Small Outdoor Space: Start with a plan, It's much easier to try something out on paper before actually committing to a garden design. Even though the plan can evolve and change over time, it helps you focus on what is important to you. Also, visit local gardens and use your local library for visual research for your garden. Gardening is an experiment, remember to have fun and enjoy watching your garden evolve, grow and change with the seasons.

Thanks, Paulo, and good luck!

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