Dog Bowl Stands from Pottery Barn

We've had a hard time finding raised bowls for our dog that aren't 1) ugly, 2) overpriced, or 3) impractical. The one we have now is functional and cleans up pretty easily, but it's not too attractive. We've considered the bentwood bowls, but most are pricey and they don't hold up well against a sloppy eater. (We've seen them in friends' homes - they look great when clean, but are quickly covered in water spots when the dog starts slurping.) These dog bowl stands from Pottery Barn seem like a good solution...

Made from wrought iron, they'll probably hold up well. The design makes them easy to clean under, and they're stylish without drawing attention to themselves. Available in 3 sizes, prices range from $20 to $40, much less than some of the designer bowl stands we've seen. For more information, visit Pottery Barn's site.