Crocheted Plant Pocket Hangers

Dottie Angel

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Here in Seattle, we are roasting in a Northwest heatwave. Seattle is not known for A/C in any location, so 90° definitely knocks us down a few notches. Regardless, the delirious heat has me thinking of the outdoors, desert plants, gorgeous succulents, cacti, and the like (and also exorbitant amounts of ice water).

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I came across these crocheted plant pocket hangers on Dottie Angel's blog, complete with photos of many different styles and arrangements. Each hanger is a crocheted doily, hand-stitched up the side to create a "pocket hanger" for plants — or as Dottie Angel calls them, her "little green friends." If you're not one for crocheting, you can find pre-made doilies to stitch at your local craft store. 

The rest of the blog is, of course, also a delightful read. Click here to view more of Dottie Angle's plant pocket hangers and enjoy the inspiration! 

(Images: Dottie Angel)