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Pearl River Market - you;ve come a long way, baby.
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What started as a tiny Chinatown shop selling teas, soy sauce and bamboo steamers has, over the past 35 years, blossomed into a veritable New York institution.

Since expanding in 2003 to a 20,000 sq. foot Soho location, the secret is definitely out.

Amidst the silk robes, chopsticks, embroidered slippers and herbal medicines you will find plenty of goodies for babies and kids - some kitschy, some practical and all for a very good price.

Looking for inexpensive nursery ideas? Paper lanterns, string lights, and mobiles would make a colorful addition to any child's room. And you'll be sure to find a paper garland you love among their wide selection for baby showers and birthday parties.

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Zodiac onesies, packaged in clear takeout boxes, are a favorite and make an easy, ready-to-go gift. You'll also find t-shirts, quilted jackets, shoes and crocheted booties.

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The selection of adorable children's plates and bowls will definitely make you reconsider having rabbits and frogs on the table.

After wandering the aisles, take a break at the Tea Bar. If you're shopping from afar, pour yourself a cup of tea and hunker down with the website - though not as extensive as the in-store selection, it still holds many treasures.