Pebble Rug Recycles Plush Toys

Did you ever wonder what happens to all the excess materials produced in making teddy bears? No? Well, the people at Design Republic did. Not only did they think about it, they figured out a way to do something about it: the Pebble Rug.

Yes, the Pebble Rug is a bit of a misnomer, since it isn't made out of pebbles and, we find, doesn't really resemble pebbles, either. No, it's made from discarded teddy bear arms. And legs. The company takes the extra materials left over from plush toy production and upcycles them into these unique, puffy rugs. We imagine they are fun to walk on and snuggle in.

A good use of leftover materials, or kinda creepy? We'll let you decide.

Available at DesignRepublic.

(Via BLTD.)

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