Peek Into Your Garden?

Peek Into Your Garden?

Laure Joliet
Jun 3, 2008

Last summer, reader Justine sent in pictures of her backyard transformation which totally inspired us. We're wondering how many of you have your own to share. Maybe you repotted a container or have a special corner you've put together. Upload your pictures to the ATLA Flickr page and we'll keep our eye out for it. (Not sure how to do that? Click below for step by step instructions):

1) Sign up for a flickr site
2) Upload your pictures by clicking on the 'Upload photos' link that will be on your home page and follow the directions
3) Go to the ATLA Fllickr Pool and join the group by clicking on the 'join the group' link in the upper right.
4) Now go back to your flickr page and choose a photo you'd like to add to the group. Click on that photo and then click on the 'send to group' link above it. From here you can select ATLA Flickr Set.

Congratulations! You're done! Can't wait to see what you've got going on in your garden!

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