Peg Perego Skate

Peg Perego Skate

Carrie McBride
Dec 17, 2007

It seems every month a new stroller is unveiled seemingly more "innovative" (and expensive) than the last. This month's entry is the Skate by Peg Perego, an Italian venture which has been around since the 1950s.

The selling point of the Skate is that it quickly transforms from a carriage to a stroller using the same parts and pieces so it will fit your baby from infancy to toddlerhood. It's adjustable to three heights and you can easily change whether you want to stare adoringly into your baby's face or have them face forward and show them off to the world. The bassinet/seat also detaches and can be carried in case you don't want to disturb a sleeping baby.

The Skate comes in five colors combinations: Bubbles Black, Bubbles Green, Bubbles Red, Tango and Moka. As we expected, the Skate is at the higher end of the price scale - around $900. Available for sale in January, you can find a local seller here. Whether the Skate can live up to its hype remains to be seen, but we'll be checking it out in stores to see if it lives up to this animated video.

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