The Penguin Donkey

The Penguin Donkey

Mar 20, 2007

We first saw the Penguin Donkey in a museum. The Victoria and Albert Museum, in London, to be precise. Made of bent plywood, the Penguin Donkey was made by Isokon, a modern English furniture design company founded in the 1930's. Penguins are so named because the publisher of Penguin Paperbacks (of the orange spine fame) loved this shelf so much he inserted flyers for it in Penguin Paperback books.

But the Penguin Donkey never enjoyed the success it should have. Production was ceased due to the Second World War, and only about 100 of these shelves were made. Until now.

The Penguin Donkey is back! Made from birch, the Donkey holds about 80 books, along with magazines and taller books in the center slot, and is as lovely and modern today as it was when it was first built in 1939. £451.00 gets you one of your very own, but we are trying to track down an American distributer, so if you see one of these in an American shop, please let us know!

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