The Perfect Viewing Angle For the iPad?

The Perfect Viewing Angle For the iPad?

Joel Pirela
Sep 28, 2011

No other device is in urgent need for a vertical stand than Apple's iPad. With the iPad, or any other similar tablet, you're apt to be spending a considerable amount of time watching a movie, a TV show, reading or even gaming. Vertical stands can help ease the weight that eventually can tire even the most fit hands. Here's a few of our favorites...

Compass Mobile Stand
The Compass Mobile Stand, was created with travel in mind. It will fold to almost a minuscule size, being super versatile and ultra stable. The easel style design makes this stand a rock solid alternative to the competition. The viewing angle is an almost perfect 60 degree and the stand remains stable, even after firm tabs on the screen.

HyperMac Stand
The HyperJuice is a pocket size stand and works for the iPad. Featuring a rubberized finish and two viewing angle positions. (18 and 45 degrees) Here's the "juicy" part: it comes with a built-in battery pack to extend your iPad battery life by an additional 16 hours. That's extra power that you can take with you everywhere.

Slide iPad Stand
The Slide is created from a single piece of aluminum with a high friction rubber cylinder stowed in its tubular support. You just simply place the cylinder at the top of the Slide and you can lay your iPad on top, lifting to the exact angle that you want. The cylinder will lock down and don't move, holding your device in place.

And remember, while some of these stands are specific to the iPad, the big majority will still work with any tablet out there.

Other alternatives:

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