Personal Outdoor Dwelling System

Personal Outdoor Dwelling System

Apr 22, 2008

Summer always makes us want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, but we're definitely part of the porch-and-deck crowd as opposed to the hiking-and-camping type. Another option for that great mix of indoor/outdoor living are the Personal Outdoor Dwelling Systems from architect Corey W. Crawford. Each structure is client and site specific, and built as greenly as possibly, making them healthy for both the users and the earth.

Crawford's website explains: "We will meet with you and personally discuss, visualize, and create your individual concept for your property. The design will be site specific, sustainable, and eco-friendly and healthy for your family. We are constantly searching to reclaim building materials."

Sounds pretty great to us. Now to come up with the cash, oh, and a site to actually build one on.

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