Peruvian Hotel Shaped Like a Crooked Frame

Design News 06.04.13

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The proposal for Unbalance Hotel in Lima, Peru includes 173,000 square feet, 125 rooms, restaurants, public spaces... and is shaped like a giant crooked picture frame. From one side of the hotel, the structure becomes a portrait of the Andes mountains and from the other, a seascape of the Pacific. 

In other news, Barbie's home search includes drawings from top designers, and Crayola will have a furniture line. See the headlines after the jump.

 This Hotel Sits Like a Photo Frame That Won't Hang Straight | Curbed
• Designers re-imagine Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse | The Editor at Large
• Magnussen Home to produce Crayola youth bedroom line | Furniture Today

(Image: OOIIO Architecture via Curbed)

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