Congrats Team Cat!

It's time to finally decide once and for all: are the Apartment Therapy readers ultimately cat people or dog people? You've been choosing your favorite cute cat and dog faces for days but now it's time to decide if you're #teamcat or #teamdog! After a long series of intense but adorable battles we're now down to only two fierce, furry competitors.

We started with 32 absolutely adorable cat and dog contenders from our favorite house tours to create two superb teams that playfully battled it out in a fierce 5 round tournament. Welcome to the last round! It was hard work whittling down a bracket of 32 formidable and furry foes —and we're proud of you for sticking with the competition!

Remember: This has totally just been an excuse to look at more cute cats and dogs, and no matter who emerges victorious today — all these adorable opponents have been winners!

Apartment Therapy's Pet Madness!

- Click Here for the Current Full Size Bracket -

(Image credits: Adrienne Breaux; Allard Laban)

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Apartment Therapy's Pet Madness