Pets On Furniture: Yay or Nay?

How could you ever say no to Oscar?
Where do your furry friends lie in the hierarchy of your household? Can they go on and in anything in the house? Do they have free range of the furniture?

I have always allowed my cats on the furniture. And honestly, having it any other way would be futile. Besides, the moment you allow cats in your home you have already lost the battle on hair, so really what's the point?

People seem to have polar opposite views on the subject, it really can't be a sometimes situation. Do you have certain expensive or meaningful pieces of furniture that are off limits? Have you ever gone from yes to no with the same animal, and how did you pull it off? Let us know below.

(Image: Rhodesian ridgeback Oscar loves his rocking chair. You can read his blog at Oscar Ate My Muffin. Thanks very much, Natalya!)

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