Pets on the Furniture...Yea or Nay?

Photographs reader-submitted on Desiretoinspire
While we can't help but love when our dog, Jackson, snuggles up with us on the couch, we know that there are still some out there who are not keen on the idea of allowing their pet on the furniture...

We know there are some circumstances that warrant prohibition for our pets--super high price tags, bright white fabric, and delicate upholstery may not be the best resting place for a Rottweiler. But allow us to attempt to use pictorial propaganda to sway the naysayers! Desiretoinspire has this excellent post on reader-submitted images of pets on the furniture that we can't help but love. For the yea-sayers, those who can't get enough of the images of family pets that appear in home tours, and those who love the idea of free (or mostly free) reign for our pets, this is a cute-fest that is hard to resist. Bonus? The pets aren't the only swoon-worthy part of the pictures...there's some great furniture here, too!