Phaidon Design Classics

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Available this month, Design Classics, a monstrous encyclopedia of the best of design from Phaidon. This is what those who have seen the books have to say:

"A guide to better living through design." -Aaron Betsky, Designer.

"The ultimate tool kit to decode the modern world. Hugely thorough, and just the right side of quirky." - Deyan Sudjic, Curator and Critic

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"...very big, very yellow and very heavy." - Terrance Conran, Designer

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We enjoyed just exploring the site for these books, so we expect that spending time going through the actual volumes would be a treat.

Somehow books on design seem to fulfill part of the need for stuff, as if we own the items pictured inside by proxy. When you look at it that way, the space taken up on the shelf and hefty price tag are a bargain...

Available through Phaidon and Amazon.

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