Philippe Starck's Louis Ghost Chair: Baby Version

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Philippe Starck's Ghost Chair pops up in many an AT House Tour and even, occasionally, in Ohdeedoh Nursery Tours (here for example). Besides being, well, cool looking they can work really well in a small space because their transparency doesn't add visual bulk to a room. Capitalizing on a good thing, the Ghost Chair is now being made in a "baby" size.

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We can't say we've sat in a Ghost Chair and, frankly, they don't look terribly comfortable. They're made of polycarbonate which is a type of plastic. The baby version is available in fluorescent orange and green, sugar pink, blue, sky blue, purple, lilac, pale green and, the classic, transparent.

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So far the only place we've found the chair listed is at Style Park which recommends contacting the manufacturer for pricing, but we imagine they'll be widely available soon. The adult version costs around $400 so we bet the petite version will also run a pretty penny.

While probably not a very practical chair for a child (nor a cheap one), we thought it was notable that such a well-known designer thought it worth translating his successful high-end design into a children's version. A little design love for the little ones.

Via: Pan-Dan.

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