Phoebe's Philadelphia Eclectic Modern Mix

Professional Project

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Project by: Phoebe Schuh
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Natural textiles, comfy seating, modern tables and those stunning wood rafters? Phoebe, an interior designer, claims her house house was covered in lavender paint before she bought it, but considering the gorgeous end result, it's hard to believe!

From Phoebe:
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Below are photos of my 1840's townhouse in Philadelphia that I have filled with handmade mid-century furniture mostly salvaged from thrift stores and local auctions- it's an eclectic mix of modern, mid-century, fine art and old architecture.

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When we bought the home (shockingly it hadn't sold) it was covered in a lavender colored paint. Being an interior designer I could see past the paint! And we snatched it up after looking for nine months.

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It took a lot of elbow grease and many furniture designs to get the dining/living/TV room to work just the way we wanted.

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Thanks, Phoebe Schuh!

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(Image credits: Jaime Alvarez )