Every time you go see a live show, or a movie at the cinema, we are told to be courteous to other by turning off our cell phones, yet, every time I go out for a nice meal I see other dinner parties where at least one of the diners is on his or her cell phone. I have to admit that I've checked my cell phone during dinner a time or two, but I'm not proud of it. Which is why I find the phone signal repelling Phonekerchief so charmingly ingenious.

The Phonekerchief by The Way We See the World (available at Uncommon Goods for $15) is made out of silver fibers that efficiently block incoming texts and calls. I know what you are going to say, so let me say it for you: why should you purchase a handkerchief that serves the same purpose as an off button? Well, this is a cute, quirky, and easy way of letting your guests know that you would like them to put their phones away and come together for a nice meal and good conversation. After all, you took the time to put together a nice dinner party where conversation should be the focal point. The Phonekerchief will ensure that conversation will not be interrupted by your guests' cellphone. Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate it.

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