Photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat's Home Office

Photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat's Home Office

Gregory Han
Apr 15, 2011

She may have a degree from The French Culinary Institute, but these days, Nicole Hill Gerulat spends her time specializing in lifestyle photography. Check out our newest playlist from this San Francisco-based commercial photographer and founder of Nicole's Classes.

What do you listen to while you work? I have several Pandora stations I go through, but it really depends on my mood!  I like everything from Priscilla Ahn to Reba McIntire to En Vogue.

How do you listen? I don't have to be quiet for anyone, so I listen through the computer's speakers. When I'm on set, I have an iPhone speaker system.

Do you have any favorite music websites/providers? Yes—Pandora, all the way!

Does music influence your work? It definitely influences my work. When on set, I usually let the client choose. But there have been two times where I couldn't take it anymore (one of those times they played Dave Matthews), so I would change it to something in my style. I do feed off music when I shoot, so when I'm shooting tabletop, it tends to be softer, quieter music versus photographing children/teens, where the music becomes more teeny-bopper and upbeat. Even though that isn't my taste in music, it helps create a more exciting atmosphere for the kiddos.

Where do you find music recommendations? Who influences your musical taste? My sisters know a LOT more about music than I do. I think I've shared two or three newartists with them first; otherwise, I rely on them to keep me current. I also used to have an assistant who created amazing CDs for me with all new-to-me artists. She was definitely more in the music scene.

What song or artist best represents the work you create? I don't really think my personal music style reflects my work. I listen to happy music, but I think my work is even more sickly happy—like the song "Lollipop."


Images: Nicole Hill Gerulat

Originally published at Lifework by Amy Feezor

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