Photojojo's Fun Photo-Filled Space

Photojojo's Fun Photo-Filled Space

Joelle Alcaidinho
Feb 27, 2013

Name: Photojojo
Location: The Mission District in San Francisco, CA
Size: 1,500 sq ft including studio space
Years in business: 7 years

We've been big Photojojo fans ever since we spotted their fun and useful items in their online store. Their personality shines through their online storefront so it's no surprise that their office is filled with that same fun and happy vibe that just makes you smile. Yes, their workspace is just as bright and photo & dinosaur filled as you think it would be...

For those new to photo- fun goodness that is Photojojo, Amit Gupta started Photojojo because he saw all of the great photos that friends were taking on their digital cameras that were "collecting digital dust." Photojojo is all about finding ways to do more with your photos and to that end they sell camera accessories as well as have a handy newsletter chock full of photo ideas.

Originally located in the San Francisco tech-startup home of SOMA, Photojojo moved to The Mission to be closer to some of the places they love to eat and shop. Finding office space is tricky in The Mission but luckily Photojojo's friends at Mission Bicycle tipped them off to space that was leasing above Paxton Gate. They love their neighbours and sharing the building with them are Paxton Gate, a great bike shop (Mission Bicycles), a comic book store, a graphic designer (Arin Fishkin), an acupuncturist, a painter and design blogger (Paul and Jordan Ferney), and an art gallery. As Amit says of their office location, "It's great having so much ambient creative energy under one roof."

Their first office in the building was on the 2nd floor and is now used as their studio (when I visited this had been turned into a holiday pop-up shop). The Photojojo office takes over the 3rd floor and when you enter the space, the layout feels very much like a city apartment with a narrow hallway and rooms cordoned off of it. Although tiny, the kitchen makes good use of on the wall storage and is a cheery blend of function and decor that is fuelled by photography. To help brighten up the office and take advantage of natural light, white paint is used liberally and the brightly coloured dinosaurs that take up residence in the space add welcome pops of colour.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Casual / creative

Inspiration: We love to decorate with our products and adventures! We've got camera lens mugs for cups in the kitchen, lens pillows in the rest room, and a photo wall with Instax instant pics from our annual company workcations in the hallway. Every year we take the company on a 2-3 week trip somewhere interesting. So far we've gone to India, Mexico, and we just got back from Thailand.

Favorite Element: There's usually something like 50 dinosaurs roaming the office, whether small plastic versions like we put in all our orders, wall decals, or giant inflatable T-Rexs. They run this place.

Also, the film vending machine.

Biggest Challenge: Painting the floor white in our studio space. That took the help of four friends and a weekend. And pulling up the carpet. And then weeks of telling people to take their shoes off before entering before I finally gave in. :)

What Friends Say: "OMG it looks so fun!"

Biggest Embarrassment: Our white boards hate us! They were here when we moved into the space, and I'm pretty sure they think we're invading their turf. They don't erase and look like muddy, sloppy disasters. We need new whiteboards!

Proudest DIY: My pal Erin Sparling helped us rig it so that when we check into our office on FourSquare it unlocks the door for us! We recently added Instagram support so at parties, people just need to upload a photo with our office as the location tag, and it unlocks the door for them! We also used these to let people into our holiday pop-up store last year.

Biggest Indulgence: Apple 27" displays for everyone. And a bunch of Workrite electric sit-stand desks (but we got 'em on the cheap from a friend's company when they were moving).

Best Advice: In office space as in photography, light is your friend. We had only one window (facing another building) in the small room we first occupied when we moved into this building. Painting the floor and ceiling bright white helped us maximize the light we did get, and daytime-balanced bulbs in our pendant lamps pitched in. It made a huge difference. 

Dream Sources: Goodies from! And the entire contents of Muji's Tokyo Yurakucho store. They've got furniture and bicycles, and even a model home they sell!

Resources of Note:

  • Ikea Nominell chairs
  • Workrite electric desks
  • CB2 Desk
  • IKEA white glass desk tops with silver and white legs




  • Behr - Glacier White for the studio floors

Thanks, Amit & Team Photojojo!

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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