(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The last time I remember making my own greeting card was when I was still in elementary school and it was my dad's birthday. We had a dot matrix printer and it would print out really low resolution images and text in different quadrants of a regular sheet of paper so that you could fold it afterwards into the shape of a card. Do you remember those? Well, now that e-cards are exchanged as much or even more than regular cards, a more customised version of the electronic greeting card is a welcome change to the generic templates we are all used to.

Phreetings.com uses photos pulled from Flickr to create an e-card with your own personalized greeting. Just search by keyword, drag the photo, type your greeting, click send and you can email off a link to your newly created card. I do wish there was more flexibility in the look aside from just changing colors though.

-via Geeksugar