Pia Wallen Designed Electrolux Ultrasilencer Vacuum

Pia Wallen Designed Electrolux Ultrasilencer Vacuum

Gregory Han
Jun 29, 2009

Scandinavian designer Pia Wallen's Ultrasilencer vacuum for Electrolux was supposedly inspired by her favourite sound in the world: the gentle sound of falling snow. The snow white vac is also highlighted with bright touches of orange, similar to the orange poles which help guide travelers across snowy landscapes. A lovely explanation for an eye catching canister vacuum...

But don't fret, you can purchase an Electrolux Ultrasilencer Vacuum, just not in the special edition Pia Wallen version. The vac is available from the likes of Lowe's for $299 in a green and gray colourway, sporting the very same HEPA Filtration, on-board tools and automatic cord rewind. Still, Pia Wallen's design shows how significant colour can be in the overall impression of any industrial design, the green version looking a bit toy-like while the all white version offering a more decor friendly impression (and yes, both men and women care about how their vacuums looks, explaining the popularity of Dyson vacs).

[via If It's Hip, It's Here]

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