Piana Folding Chair by David Chipperfield

Maxwell’s Daily Find 09.05.12

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Piana Folding Chair by David Chipperfield

• $191.25 (on sale now)
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This is a very hot new design from David Chipperfield that was released last year in Milan by Alessi. Incredibly thin when folded and super bright in color, the chair was developed with Italian manufacturer LAMM out of polypropylene and glass fiber and is a great solution for affordable, stylish additional seating.

David Chipperfield says that "After careful research into historic and contemporary folding chairs, the concept for "Piana" focused on a simple, iconic, general-purpose folding chair, easily recognisable as such. The three parts of the chair rotate around a single axis and the finely engineered supporting structure and mechanism are concealed within the moulded components. It folds completely flat and is horizontally stackable".

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