Pianola Music Box by Schaaf

Pianola Music Box by Schaaf

Julia Cho
Mar 15, 2007

Maybe you want to expose your child to the magic of music but they've refused to take lessons on a more traditional instrument, or they've just shown little interest. That's where the Pianola Music Box by Schaaf comes in. Made of all natural wood, with a clear and bright sound, they'll be making music in no time.

The Pianola Music Box isn't for your littlest one- it's for ages 8 and up. The concept is simple- though we can't say we completely understand how it works. You crank song sheets that are prepunched through the mechanism and out come the assigned notes.

It even comes with three composing cards and a special hole puncher. And we thought we had fun with a tape recorder when we were little. The music box is made in Germany and available at Zebrahall.com

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