The Gallery: Avy Claire

The Gallery: Avy Claire

amy chase
Feb 15, 2007

Untitled Veil, mixed media on mylar, 10' x 24'

Introducing Avy Claire.

Last weekend I headed out on a brilliant sunny Saturday to TopazArts, a beautiful gallery and dance studio tucked away in Woodside Queens. I was there to see artist Avy Claire's work, in its most vast and most intimate manifestations.

Installation view of Untitled Viel

This wall installation is made of digitally manipulated photographs of leaves printed on mylar strips (sewn together by a sailmaker in maine), hung in layers over more mylar hand-painted with patterns of blue circles.

Installing the work at TopazArts

Nearby this large installation are a collection of paintings that the artist makes in the early morning as the first activity of the day. "I experience these pieces as a kind of meditaiton. It is a process of emptying my busy mind. It feels like a necessary act to move my hand slowly and not rush while making the small marks."

Journal painting 10-31-06, mixed media on panel, 8" x 8"

Her La Foresta paintings, below, capture a quality of forests that always hangs in my memory after spending time in them. The rhythm of the light between trees, the way sunlight can almost dissolve the upright forms, and the patterning of the darkness that can be both glimpses deep into the space of the forest, and the trunks themselves.

LaForesta 05.09.52, acrylic on panel, 24" x 24"

LaForesta 05.10.69, acrylic on panel, 24" x 24"

Her sea grass series recreates that shifting light on grasses blowing in the breeze, the veil they become between you and the beach landscape beyond.

SeaGrass 06.03.20, mixed media on mylar, 20" x 14 "

SeaGrass 04.11.38

SeaGrass 06.10.86, mixed media on panel, 8" x 8"

Check out the installation at Topaz Arts in Woodside Queens. (up through march 3)

Inquiries? Please contact the artist directly via email.

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