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Just the soft stuff. This just came in from Pamela, and since we are feeling so blissed out this morning after a very late night in the office, we want to throw this right up on the web.

Pillows and Throws is a good one-stop-shopping destination for a variety of throw pillows that do not bear designer labels. This means that the prices are good, many of the designs are muted and mediocre, and some - if you pick carefully - are real finds. They do sell one designer, Thomas Paul, and have an excellently large collection of these pillows.

Prices range from $25 to $170 for pillows and $100 to $500 for throws (slim assortment here). Favorites, outside of the Thomas Paul? The Lounge beatnick collection (@$100), and the Mother of Pearl beaded pillows ($33). (Thanks, Pamela!) MGR