Pineapple Paper Furniture from Yothaka

Based in Bangkok, Yothaka has been making furniture out of unexpected materials since 1989. Now they've introduced a line made from pineapple paper, crafted from pineapple leaf fibers. The seats of these Pepp Chairs are made from paper that's been pressed and dyed.

We first spotted these designs at Irish Retailer Valoearth's site, and we went looking for the manufacturer. We found a few articles on Yothaka that indicated that they export mostly to Europe and Japan. In Chicago, the Baco Stool is available through Symmetry.

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Baco Chair
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Baco Stool
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Zeazon Armchair
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Nut Bench

Yothaka also produces Water Hyacinth Furniture and Yan Lipao furniture made from fern vines. Their plant fiber pieces have a very modern look, and they're also an interesting approach to green design.

• To view the pineapple paper line at Yothaka's site, click here.
• To read more about Yothaka, click here.