Piper's Cubby
Carrie McBride
May 16, 2011
Name: Piper (2) Location: Philadelphia, PA Division: Single Room Room Size: 70 square feet Tip for Living Small with Kids: We tried to keep in mind appropriate activities for a young child in a small space, such as promoting sleep, what she would like to see when she woke up, and keeping tactile toys that function well in a compact space. Though we usually prefer cooler neutrals and whites, the warm paint tone gives a cozy feeling. Piper's favorite spot is the tiny space between the wall and the radiator behind the chair. Go figure, the smaller the better! Biggest Design Challenge in this Room: Making sure it didn't feel cluttered... and the biggest is yet to come (how to make room for her brother to be). Favorite Thing About This Room: The light and the storage space. Thanks for your entry Zoe and good luck!
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