Pisa Cutting Board by Damian Evans

Pisa Cutting Board by Damian Evans

Grace Shu
Nov 6, 2007

Here's a pet peeve of ours: After we mince garlic cloves on our big wooden cutting board, it takes us about 3 trips to transfer it from cutting board to wok. This is probably because 1) we are not that skilled to push all the minced garlic on the blade and 2) we really love garlic and therefore chop way more than we should. Maybe the Pisa Cutting Board is the solution to our peeve!

Designed by Damian Evans, this cutting board bucks tradition by being slanted, making it perfect for sliding everything from our finely minced garlic to apple slices into a bowl (or wok in our case)! Our only concern is that it looks a bit wee in the photo (it's 10" in diameter according to the SF Moma site), but we're still putting it on our Christmas list...

Available at SF Moma site for $45.00

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