(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

My son spends endless hours parked in his P'kolino Little Reader chair. I appreciate the clean lines and solid construction, he loves stashing books in its side pockets and holding court in our living room like a little pasha. I went to order two more chairs for my twin daughters when I came across the Sofa Sleeper from the same collection. Eureka!

The Little Reader Sofa Sleeper only weighs 10 pounds and works as a functional sleeper for kids up to age 6. We think it would be fantastic seating for play dates (or twin sisters), and unfolded it could be great for slumber parties, sick days, naps or sprawling with a book. Unlike other childrens' seating that is prone to tipping, this line stays planted squarely on the floor. Available in green or red for $98 at P'kolino.

(Image: P'kolino)