Place Your Own Picture In A Museum!

Place Your Own Picture In A Museum!

Rebecca Orlov
Sep 17, 2008

Not literately, of course, but we do love this fun application called Museumr brought to us by the fun digital photo hobby site, Dumpr. If you have some time and are interested in seeing how your favorite photo would fare in one of four museum settings, find information after the jump.

Our masterpiece is titled "Smith & Hawken Plant Sale"

#1: Upload an image to the Musemr site.

#2: Choose your your setting (We picked setting 4).

#3: A masterpiece with admirers already!

This could be a fun idea if you are looking to use personal photography for an art gallery in your home. You can virtually see what it may look like on the wall. For many more neat effects you can apply to your own photos, visit Dumpr. Have fun!

Here are more inspiring artwork ideas via Apartment Therapy:

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