Plan Your Escape: World Map Wall Mural

Plan Your Escape: World Map Wall Mural

Looking for graphic wallpaper with educational value? This world map wall mural will give your room a focal point and a convenient way to plan your next escape. Follow the jump to see a few creative uses for this wall mural...

We could imagine marking the map with pins to show where we have been or combining pins and string to map out a trip. We grew up with a world map shower curtain but this takes it so much further...

Children's study or war room—what do you think?

The images above come from flickr user kbreenbo who also had this elegant use of the mural in her son's bedroom.

We first found the world map mural at Urban Outfitters but it can also be found here for much less.

Does this take you back to primary school or inspire your inner Indiana (decorator) Jones?

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