Planning the Garden: Vegetables (and the Occasional Strawberry)!

Amidst the chaos of our backyard makeover, we're digging in and trying our hand at a vegetable garden. Again. Round 2. It's on. This time, we want to do it right so we've been doing a wee bit of research before we stick our little vegetable plants in the soil (which we've fertilized, tilled, tilled some more and then tilled again, thank you very much).

We found some easily digestible links for the vegetable garden layman, listed below are a few of our favorites. Any you'd like to add to the list? We can use all of the advice we can get!

  • Ultimate Veggie Garden

  • How to Start a Vegetable Garden

  • Secrets to a More Productive Vegetable Garden

  • Seed Planting Chart
  • top two images by Shayna Roosevelt, bottom from Sunset Magazine online