Planting Project: Labeling Your Garden

Spring is here and planting of herbs, flowers and veggies has started (in most places anyway). Making gardening fun and creative is a great way to instill not only healthy eating habits, but lessons on self sufficiency from an early age. This Alpha Mom tutorial on labeling your planters with the goodies they hold could be adapted to your own personal style and is a fun way to help kids learn the differences between what's in bloom. Click through to see how it was done...

Alpha Mom brought us this great tutorial on labeling your garden and we think it's a great way to help little one's learn what's growing where and looking great while doing it. Check out the full tutorial, including a downloadable template for these letters! It's as easy as cutting and gluing and you'll be hard pressed to find a kid who isn't into getting their hands all gluey!

(Photo via Alpha Mom)

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