PlantTherapy: Happy Thanksgiving - a Feast for the Eyes.

PlantTherapy: Happy Thanksgiving - a Feast for the Eyes.

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 24, 2006

I just wanted to share with you a glimpse of these roses and mimosa, from my table to yours, bought on a five minute stop to the florist. I am not one to cook - but still like to contribute something to the feast.

The blossoms are the size of apples. The petals have delicate layers of color as if they were steeped in tea and beautiful veins running through them. I love getting something that is uncomplicated and simply beautiful. To me, a few of these have more presence than a dozen from the corner. My local florist always seems to find uncommonly beautiful roses and something perfect to complement them.

The mimosa was a bonus. Mimosa has leaves like thick blades of grass and tiny, soft cottony yellow blossoms about the size of a firefly glow. The perfect little detail and their smell mingles well with these fragrant roses.

A nice bunch of flowers can be the perfect thing to complement good company and great food. I hope you had both today.


- Matt

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