PlantTherapy: Seeded Eucalyptus

PlantTherapy: Seeded Eucalyptus

Sep 27, 2008

seeded eucalyptus and winterberry

The local florist had a nice seasonal addition to this past week's offerings, seeded eucalyptus. Although eucalyptus can be found in one variety or another throughout the year, the florists say that about now is when they start getting this in...

Seeded eucalyptus, a native to Australia, comes from mature top branches before they flower. These branches have their leaves stripped off at the florist to showcase the jack-shaped flower pod clusters.

I brought home a little bouquet the florist fashioned with the eucalyptus, winterberry, a green hydrangea, and one beautiful light coral colored ranunculus. The eucalyptus is a great team player and blends well with everything from roses to protea. It has a cool, frosty patina and a very mod shape - it may not take center stage but it really enhances an arrangement.

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