PlantTherapy: Baby Pineapple as a Cut Flower

PlantTherapy: Baby Pineapple as a Cut Flower

Sep 6, 2008


A quick, informal poll among my friends resulted in most thinking pineapples grow from trees. Pineapples do grow from the ground, like a flower, and in fact have stems. And so these 'baby pineapples' were truly fascinating when they appeared at the florist. Feeling the end of summer drawing near I decided to take some home to savor a bit of the tropics.

We're sending a shout-out to all of you who bring home flowers to brighten up your home. Do YOU have some Sat. morning flowers to share? Let me know! You can drop a line with a small description and some pics at matt at apartment therapy dot com

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They are a perfect way to extend the feeling of summer right when we all could use a few more days of it. These guys are top-heavy and the stems are thick (1/2 - 3/4"). My mistake was using a low rounded vase that let the stems go at too much of an angle. Hard to arrange and easily tipped. The easiest way to control these is to use a slender vase with a flat bottom and a neck that supports the pineapples closer to the base of the fruit.

I bought pink Lisianthus to bring out the pink in the pineapples, and yellow Freesia as a contrast - all in all a cheerful bunch. Next time a slimmer vase, though!

matt at apartment therapy dot com

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