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The soil around the city's sidewalk trees, normally brimming with plants, has all gotten sleepy. But to keep the green going many people top their beds with seasonal greens.

By now you most likely have been hit with the smell of evergreen as you round a corner, much like the smell of the coffee or pretzels from the street vendors. The flowershops have all adorned their sidewalks with boxes of branches.

The greens keep the color going for a while longer, insulate any bulbs or perennials underneath from the frost, and also add a little to the soil as they decompose.

I stopped to snap this picture of frosty blue juniper, which was mixed in with a bed of pine boughs and holly:

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After Thanksgiving gardeners were busy getting the spring bulbs in the ground.

After the bulbs are placed they are covered with a layer of soil and then mulch. Add the greens to that and you have some great insulation, much like a well layered bed with a fluffy comforter on top.

Everyone is all tucked in for the winter and ready for the spring.

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a shot of the bulbs being placed, before the soil and mulch cover

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