PlantTherapy: Colchicums and Autumn Color

PlantTherapy: Colchicums and Autumn Color

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 20, 2007

Colchicum at the Greenmarket

Colchicums give one a chance to have forced bulbs growing indoors months before you might have paper whites, hyacinths, or amaryllis bulbs growing in your apartment. Jack's Flowers at the Union Square's Greenmarket has been bringing a crate of them every week to sell...

These bulbs are similar in appearance and size to a crocus. Once they are done blooming indoors you can plant them outside where they can slowly recover and will rebloom the following year. Even though they may look similar to a crocus (but are not related) they follow a blooming cycle that is the exact opposite, and are another great way to have fall color in the garden or flower box.

These little corms have been featured recently in Martha Stewart and also on the cover of Oct./Nov. issue of Horticulture Magazine.

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