PlantTherapy: Cabbage Vases in House Beautiful

PlantTherapy: Cabbage Vases in House Beautiful

Dec 22, 2007
Floral arrangements in House Beautiful by Hunt Littlefield, San Francisco.

This photo of a table setting for the Sorokko Gallery was in the most recent edition of House Beautiful. The floral arrangements stood out among the white porcelain settings both for their fresh green color and for the fresh choice of cabbage as the flower vessel. Was the cabbage real? The floral designers, Neil and Trina of Hunt LIttlefield, were happy to share with us how they were created...

"The pieces have a simple vessel under a layer of real cabbage. This is a little tricky (cabbage is by nature pretty tough to make adhere to anything, but once they're stuck they hold up pretty well), but lets the roses be nestled into the overlapping leaves and appear natural. It also lets the roses have a water source. The roses are a variety called 'Super Green'. The cabbage leaves are carefully chosen, with only the heavier, green veined outer leaves being used to pull in the color of the roses. There's no problem with waste though, I'm a big fan of cabbage soup. You can use paper-mache floral liners for the container, which are recycled and compostable."

Thank you Neil and Trina for taking a moment out of the busy holiday to share this with us!

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