PlantTherapy: Construction Clouds and Posies

PlantTherapy: Construction Clouds and Posies

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 14, 2006

Seeing all of the Greenest Thumb entries this past month was inspiring. Plants are hard to maintain and easy to give up on, but the learning process and the successes are very rewarding.

This week's slideshow is of a recent visit to the Flower District, an area that is still alive but ever-changing. Despite the scaffolding, you can still get an eyeful of color and beauty and the shopowners doubt that everyone will leave any time soon...

But you cannot deny that the buliding projects seem to be springing up quickly. A new Flower District location has yet to be agreed upon (if it ever will be). So for now the construction and flower shops are elbow to elbow. And after the jump I will just mention a cute little flower shop located on Amsterdam Ave. on the UWS...

Construction may blossom in our city, but flower shops also pop up. Posies (pictured above on right) is a teeny-tiny shop wedged in between two big buildings. Their mission statement is also teeny-tiny: they are a bouquet shop. One wall of the shop has ready-made bouquets, the other side of the wall has the fowers in their unarranged state.

If you are running to a dinner party, you can grab a beautiful bouquet right off the wall. If you want to try your hand at making one, you can buy the raw ingredients. They are open until 8, so you really can depend on them to be open when you don't want to arrive empty-handed. I have been told that one woman arranges all the bouquets for the day by herself every morning.

Every time I have run by the work looks fresh - the flower combinations are bold in color and well thought out. I have but only a few snapshots, enjoy:

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