PlantTherapy: Denis and Christon Flowers

PlantTherapy: Denis and Christon Flowers

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 29, 2005

I love visiting the flower shop and picking up a little bit of knowledge with my flowers. This past week I was visiting with Evan at Denis and Christon Flowers (1119 Madison Ave - 83rd & 84th). Evan has been working for his father's Madison Avenue flower shop since he was ten years old. He always has something to share.

On this day we were discussing hints beyond the basic care tips that can help a flower look better and last longer. Evan showed me a simple trick to keep roses looking up. I have often had a few roses in the bunch that seem to go limp. They don't die…they just bow their heads and live out their lives staring at my countertop.

The reason for this, according to Evan, is that the flowers take in too much water and become top-heavy. Either you have to relieve them of this water weight (which can be done for drooping tulips), or help them support it.

Evan quickly inserted the end of some florists wire in the topmost part of the stem to prop it up. He then wound the wire around, creating an instant support (see photos). The wire does not interfere with the flower's lifespan or its ability to blossom.