PlantTherapy: PF1 Urban Farm is Happening Now!

The urban farm project at PS1 in L.I.C., by Work Architecture, is up and running - complete with a chicken coop! We've been looking forward to taking a day and getting out to see the project with our own eyes. Luckily for us people have been visiting and taking pictures of the entire project since it opened in June.

We rounded up 5 Flickr sets after the jump from people who went, saw, and snapped up lots of pictures. In some cases you can even see details and answer questions on the structure that were not visible when we took a look back in April.

This pictures above are from a set available at This Week in New York:

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welovemilie has a set from her visit.

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themostsensiblename' s photo set.

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vipnyc photo set.

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Friday Holmes photo set.

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