PlantTherapy: Fritillaria at Sunny's on 2nd

PlantTherapy: Fritillaria at Sunny's on 2nd

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 24, 2007

Sunny's is not a deli florist. It is a flower shop in the East Village, at 6th St. and 2nd. Ave., that wraps around the corner of a building. And next door is, coincidentally, a deli.

Between the location, and the fact that their store spills onto the sidewalk, it is easy to think it might be a generic deli florist. But not so...

The space is very efficient, consisting of flower coolers and an enclosed prep station. The front of the prep station has a selection of plants.

The young florist I spoke with, Eddie, says that they have many loyal customers that enjoy finding something special. Last week they had luxurious Parrot tulips (pictured above) growing in window boxes. They have beautiful, fragrant hyacinths, and delicate waxflowers. All would look wonderful in a small vase by the bed - or near the bathroom sink (it is bathroom month, after all).

But Sunny's also had a surprise:

In the cooler I found petite bouquets wrapped tightly with twine and a leaf to protect the stems. It was a flower called fritillaria. The delicate buds had a frosty fig-purple that blended to yellow. The leaves come off the stems like graceful, pointed fingers:

Fitillaria come in many varieties, and Sunny's sometimes gets one that has petals resembling snakeskin (fritillaria meleagris, sometimes called snakeshead fritillary).

Brent & Beck's is one online shop that carries a nice variety of these bulbs, which can be planted in the fall. These are small in comparison to tulips or other larger and brighter bulbs. But these hold promise for anyone who likes to pause and enjoy their garden.

Sunny's is also worth a visit for a nice, fairly priced bunch of good quality flowers. Were it in my neighborhood I could see myself stopping off right on my way home to grab something cheerful for the table.

matt at apartmenttherapy dot com (Do you have a flower shop in your neighborhood that you enjoy? I would love to hear about it)

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