PlantTherapy: ENKI Watering Can

PlantTherapy: ENKI Watering Can

Jun 16, 2007

A plug-in watering can. I never thought I would see the day...

Thunderstorms are nature's fertilizers. This is one event that houseplants could benefit from, and that tapwater could never live up to. But maybe with the aid of a plug-in watering can could it come a little bit closer?

If you know an old gardener, you may have heard them remark that everything looks so much greener after a thunderstorm. Rain and lightning are nature's fertilizers. The lightning frees up nitrogen in the air and charges it into the ground in a water soluble form. Rainwater can also be higher in oxygen. Oxygen at the roots changes the electrical charges in the water and nutrients, and allows the roots to extract water and nutrients with much less energy. Rainwater can also be free of heavy minerals, contain carbon dioxide and sulfur - all of which can help the plants grow.

Enki advertises that it is a 'horticultural breakthrough', and tries to provide what indoor plants are missing...well, at least the oxygen. Enki cannot create lightning, but it does oxygenate the water from your tap. Their website and many magazine advertisements make claims of substantial results for both flowers and vegetables.

It is an 'as seen on TV' item, which always makes me skeptical, and the price feels steep ($79.95 plus s+h). But I do wonder if this could be a good investment, along with proper fertilizers, for someone with many houseplants and no balcony?

My basic guidelines to keeping healthy indoor plants has always been to match plants with light, keep the right pot size, amend the soil periodically (and naturally) and apply the right amount of water. Would love to know if you have any experience with this product, or other successful methods of keeping your housplants healthy.

matt at apartment therapy dot com

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