PlantTherapy: Fall has Fallen

PlantTherapy: Fall has Fallen

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 29, 2006

September 23rd was the first day of fall, but for New Yorkers didn't this morning really feel like the official beginning? Perfect nesting weather for new mothers and fathers. It is also a chance to prepare your garden for the colder weather, plant bulbs for next year and also enjoy the decorations and the deep, rich colors that the season brings...

I saw gourds in baskets at the local florist the other day. Arranged in a vessel or lined up on a shelf by themselves they can make a beautiful seasonal accent. Mums are also out (how can you not notice??). Thick-skinned and good for withstanding the cold, these are often the garden's last flowers standing. Those without gardens who get these as gifts may want to pass them along. They can be overwintered and come back the following year.

And for those of you in need of rich soil, now is the time to get free compost from the city. Visit NYC's composting website to learn how and when and where.

P.S. Nice Dutchman's Pipe, Guido! Interesting choice! (over in Flickr)


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