PlantTherapy: Fern Stems

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Maidenhair fern

Some of you may encounter ferns as you are out hiking or camping in this last week before September.

Garden Design Magazine posted this article from its latest issue, showing this 300 million year old family as the centerpiece in simple and elegant arrangements.

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As a way to showcase the beauty and growing interest in fern varieties they have paired stems with simple glass vases. The print article has a few more (larger) pictures, and also more detailed information on each fern, as well and where to find the vases. The maidenhair fern, which my cats unfortunately find delicious, is in a Perla vase from Z Gallerie.

We were left wanting to see more - even just to enjoy the shapes of fern leaves. Searching 'fern' from Flickr brought up the most beautiful and inspiring shots, making us want to get out and enjoy the coolness of the woods in summer while it lasts. And to maybe have a few fern fronds in a vase as a reminder.

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