PlantTherapy: Flower Boxes on E. Houston

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View from E. Houston and Bowery.

Somebody has a built-in country getaway right on their own balcony, and we would love to know who you are! These are some substantial plants to haul up to an apartment. Overlooking Houston St. the way this balcony does, however, would require this kind of barrier to make the noise and traffic seem far away.

If anyone knows who is responsible for this green space drop us a line at - they deserve a gift!

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What we would love to know is if the half-moon tree planters are a DIY project or if they were purchased for the purpose. It is this blogger's first time to see flat-backed planters this large. Liz Christy is right below their balcony and has many wonderful trees shading the plot, which would be my guess for the inspiration behind this ambitious balcony planting.

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